ACTION: 10 Hunting Towers Destroyed in Northern Wisconsin

Shared from BITE BACK Magazine

“Hunting season is on the way here in northern Wisconsin, so we destroyed 10 hunting towers to kick things off! We find that when we attack under the blanket of night with masks on we get a lot more done than we ever could standing on the sidewalk with signs. We don’t expect our small destructive acts to destroy speciesism, but striking directly at those who murder our non-human relatives feels meaningful, and is fucking fun! We know waiting for ‘the movement’ to grow is a trap –- waiting promotes waiting and acting promotes acting. All there is to do is to sharpen our teeth and get better at attacking domination! In solidarity with the deer, turkeys, bears, pheasants and all the animals resisting human supremacy and civilization.

-some wild vegans-”

ACTION: Elgin Police Car Paint bombed, Billboard Supporting Lt. Chris Jensen Paint Bombed AGAIN

After the city replaced our previous artwork, we decided to paint bomb the police union billboard supporting Lt. Chris Jensen again. This time it was immediately taken down and replaced with an unrelated billboard the next day.

We also included paint bombing a parked police cruiser.

This fun night is not only dedicated to the memory of DeCynthia Clements, but also to Eric King and all other rebels world wide.

Down with industrial society! Fire to all prisons! The left is dead, long live black anarchy!

– individualist delinquents

ACTION: Police Billboard Supporting Lt. Chris Jensen Paint Bombed in Elgin, Illinois


“By monopolizing violence the police brutally enforce an order of mass subjugation to law. While many demand justice for the police shooting of DeCynthia Clements, some of us have no interest in mere “justice”: the police, government, capitalism and society are all mechanisms of social control that forbid genuine individual freedom. We have no dreams of a “better” society, “fair” government or “non-corrupt” police. Let every cop, including the members of Police Benevolent & Protective Assocation and Lt. Chris Jensen fear randomized attack. Some individuals want nothing less than more dead cops and the destruction of the prison world they protect.”

-some delinquents

ACTION: ALF Targets McDonalds in Alton, New Hamsphire August 18, 2019

Continuing the call to solidarity with our comrades facing trial for disrupting McDonald’s. Through September 12th, cause as much damage to as many McMurder’s as possible. This is the frontlines of animal dismemberment and commodification, and the individuals purchasing from and keeping the machine running must be shown that resistance exists and is happening in their most comforting of places, so long as that comfort is at the expense of others.

We decided to disrupt a small little town in Alton, New Hampshire USA. This small population town, who has never considered the ones they consume, was forced to confront their harmful habits at the country’s most beloved location. We managed to capture two of our many messages on camera before we left. ‘Fuck Meat, McMurder,’ and the ALF symbol were tagged on every side of the store. Once we had our fun redecorating, we absolutely obliterated one of the menu/ordering screens and the biggest window we could find. That should ensure the message is relayed to corporate.

If we can throw a wrench in your gears and delay your sale of bodies for just one hour; if we can cause just one customer to second guess their purchase and turn around; if we can burn just one dollar from your pocket, we will be there and we will never stop until all are free.

Respect existence or expect resistance.